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Excellent Christian Resources

Liberty University Online - Offering several degree programs for those seeking to better serve the Lord in His Work, Liberty University Online is an excellent choice. Visit their site for more information.

Bible Bulletin Board - Many sermons and articles from John MacArthur, Charles Spurgeon and others. This site is an excellent resource!

Timothy Ministries - A good collection of resources for God's people.

Bible Topics - Brother Brandon Staggs, author of SwordSeacher Bible software, has put R.A. Torrey's New Topical Textbook online. This is a tremendous resource for topical study.

The New Family Bureau - This site has plenty of Christian news, views and helps for just about anyone looking for anything.  An Internet site that is well worth a visit!

Answers In Genesis - This is the home page of Answers In Genesis. This ministry, headed up by Ken Hamm, deal with matters related to creation.  There are many excellent resources here for those who are interested in studying matters related to the sciences and the Bible.

All About Cohabiting - This page is dedicated to sharing the danger of living together before marriage.  There are some valuable helps here for those who need information about the social tragedy.

Bible Study Tools This page features several great Bible study tools and commentaries.  A great way to expand your available study resources without depleting your wallet!

Phil Johnson's Page (The Hall of Christian History)-Literally hundreds of Bible links. Excellent site!

Alpha And Omega Ministries This site deals with apologetics and other issues related to Biblical Christianity. Good Stuff! Dr. James White's Web site.

In-Depth Studies The teaching ministry of Geoff Volker. Some good apologetic material on this site.

Serious Developments A source for finding free Christian software on the Internet.

Bible Believer's Resource Page - A wealth of info here on various topics. Worth your time to check out.

The Center For Creation Science - This site is all about proving the creation story to be what the Bible says it is - FACT! Good source for scientific proof materials.

Biblical Studies Foundation - Many, many good Bible study resources. This is a good place to go to look for Bible helps.

The Spurgeon Archive Just what it says! Here is where you can find all the Spurgeon you need.

Virtual Jerusalem Just what the name implies. Tons of info on the City of Peace. Even has links to live video from the Wailing Wall and other sites of interest. 

Christian Research Institute Christian apologetics. Information about cults. They have 3 sites. They are: the Official Site, the Unofficial Site, and theSearch Engine for finding info on the cults.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library Hundreds of Christian classics, from the early church fathers to the great preachers of the last century.

Chick Tracts Jack Chick's tract page.

Christian Apologetics And Research Ministry - Various pieces of information from Christian doctrine to cults.

The Jonathon Edwards Collection - Sermons and other things from the great puritan preacher.

Injoy Ministries - Dr. John Maxwell's page.   Lots of good resources here for leaders and others interested in Christian matters.

Christian Midi Files - Several good sound files.

Christian Answers To Contemporary Questions - A question and answer page for Christian issues.

The Rutherford Institute- This is the home page of, that's right, The Rutherford Institute. This organization is devoted to Christian legal issues.

Christian Financial Concepts This is the web site for Larry Burkette's Christian financial ministry. 

National Religious Broadcasters - This site deals with Christian radio broadcasters. You can here actual audio streams of the broadcasts of several noted Christian broadcasters. 

Moody Bible Institute - The homepage for, you guessed it, Moody Bible Institute.

Christian Community Network - Good site for news and other things of interest to the Christian community.